What is SAGA

SAGA is a high performance hybrid multi-platform multi-language tool to colect, analyse and store arboviral genomic sequences. It is composed of three main modules:
  • Backend module
  • Database module
  • Frontend module
The Backend module runs all analysis on a week or demand basis. This module collect all new sequences from main primary biological databases; Process it by mapping it with the complete anotated genome; Subtyping it using subtype groups pre-determined in literature and map all epitopes contained in IEDB. All data is stored in Database model and can be accessed by the frontend via REST services.

Who made it

Many have contributed to the development, thinking, brainstorming, creation and availability of this tool. Unfortunately there is no way to get all names here. However, i will try to bring the main minds behind SAGA and it´s tools.

  • Irahe Kasprzykowski - Main researcher
  • Helton Fábio Jr. - Associate developer
  • Eduardo Fikutani - Assistant developer
  • Kiyoshi Fikutani - Helpfull mind
  • Artur Queiroz - Group Coordinator

How can i contribute

Please contact our main researcher at irahe22@gmail.com

Who mantain it

this software is maintained by PAH (Highthroughtput Analysis Platform) group in association with FIOCRUZ( Oswaldo Cruz Foundation) - BA